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Angora Ranch2006

  • 3.0
ANGORA RANCH is a sweet, heartfelt movie about love that transcends age, stereotypes and meddlesome families. While driving to a business meeting, young and handsome Justin runs off the road to avoid a rabbit. Lucky for him he has ditched at Angora Ranch, a farm owned by hunk Jack, a man almost twice Justin’s age. Justin and Jack feel the heat between them immediately. While the issue of their difference in age slowly melts away, they face another problem: each of their meddling fathers. Jack’s dad is nosy, pushy and waiting for Jack to settle down. Justin’s father is all business and never thinks his son will amount to anything. Justin and Jack slowly discover that each is what the other has been searching for all their lives, if only they can figure out what to do about their fathers.

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Member Reviews (64)

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top reviewer

I can't quite believe just how horrible this is. And I can't believe I watched it. Having said that, by the last grueling 10 minutes, I began to think that perhaps Paul Bright really does live in this world, so it may be brilliant... in a parallel universe. Like, what if it is post-apocalyptic and the scenes of everyone getting daily blood transfusions and spinal taps were all cut? At least he's stuck to his guns. His latter films were just as bad and/or of the same sociology, which means it is all 100% deliberate and intentional. But this world gives me an uneasy feeling. I want to slap all of these people. I love this site. I've seen about 12 films so far and not one regret, including this one.

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top reviewer


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DO NOT BOTHER.......really BAD !

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Could not allow myself to waste any more of my time on this hokey waste of celluloid or the digital equivalent there of.

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Terrible. Insultingly stupid. Bad acting,bad script,bad all around.

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basically a badly written and badly acted gay flick. Pass on it, you'll save time.

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Complete and utter shyte.

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top reviewer

Overall this is a charming movie with lovable characters.

top reviewer

Cute film. Kinda silly but had a lot of life lessons under the fluff. I liked the "real" characters. There was none of the seriously stupid "fag boy" brain dead stereotype typical of too many gay films that are impossible to watch without feeling insulted. This was fluff, but smart fluff with a sweet core.

Not my cup of tea!

Wrong on so many levels. The young man is a lousy actor. The rancher is butt ugly but is suppose to be "sexy (beauty is definately in the eyes of the beholder) and

the bunny thing is silly. Goofy movie.

I love the movie that means that their is no age limit for love if you really love someone.

Good idea, but no electricity exists between the lovers. Line readings, particularly of the fathers, were stilted, stagey, not believable.

Funny movie and so entertaining and romantic and a joy to experience the love.


Excellent Movie!!

OK the acting was....bad. But what a nice feel good movie after a stream of dark European gay film noir from Fandor. Its a dumb movie but cute. OK ? Relax people. Smile.

Early and middle parts of film were believable, it was as if they didn't put much thought into the outcome of the ending! But i liked it anyway!

Paul Bright is a great actor in the movies he is in


It's a cute movie also funny and sad.

Good clean movie

It was a sweet love story involving all the elements of people in the process of change. Touching portrayal of dynamic family relationships and the good that comes from being honest about who you are.

Touching; enjoyable.

"Angora Ranch" was a light hearted and enjoyable film. A feel good movie that doesn't leave you with a thousand question. I would recommend the film to anyone looking to put a smile on their face.

i injoy it as well like it better then the first one i watch.just wish i can found somebody like that

A good campy film. It could've used more editing to make it sharper and stay closer to the plot.

I love it...Justin is my nickname and he reminds me of me...i had the same relationship with my father of course i would be the older guy as i love younger me...I love this movie and i will definately watch it over and over thanks!


Very intertaining, very good movie.

A bit slow but enjoyable.

Wonderful movie about true love. Brought tears to my eyes at times.

It's a great movie and I enjoyed it very much. The subject is great and it touched me in the fact that many fathers and sons relationship in this days are still holding those kind of feelings of not except the facts that everyone has their own life to live.

It was the quint essential happy boy meet man happy ending campy movie....i loved it!!!!!!!

very entertaining...the story line flowed well..thank all of u...enjoyed it all

I really did enjoy this movie. It was obviously a low budget affair, but it came across very well. The acting was OK (I especially liked the Dad), but I thought, for the most part, the writing was very good. The Director, however, really used what and who had to work with and brought it all together for the good of the story - with humor, without stereotypes, It made for a evening well spent.

love the movie

Fabulously entertaining! Great cast! Warm, believable story line!

okay---alittle disconnected--but if you are a romantic this is an okay film

i liked it was funny. not you typical overly sexed gay themed movie, again i liked it alot.

Sorry but I don't recallthe actorsname.Justin was sweet and the best actorin the film. Jack was completely miscast. There was no plausible way that Justin would feel attraction to this older man who semed almost lecherous. Overall, except for Justin the acting was overraught and bad.

Wonderful and heart warming

Pretty funny, but I live in Cottonwood, TX and it looks nothing like that :)

what a sweet funny and lovable story

I really lovd the film!

Cute but no captioned!

A very campy gay themed film, full of laughs, and true life moments for some that touch the heart and soul.

A cute concept but the cinematography was bad, the acting was horrible, the actors were mediocre. I do however love supporting the gay community.

It was very amuzing and touching in certain parts that I had experience in my life with my father. love the movie, thanks

Quite Funny & Very Entertaining. Very thought provoking in places. I enjoyed it very much!

Very cool movie.

didn't like it

such a fun!!!

Cute movie, but like the other reviewers said, pretty poor acting and scripting. Justin was very nice eye candy and the only reason I continued watching. Would have been better if we'd seen more skin from Justin!

An enjoyable romantic comedy.Justin, Jack and especially Jack's father, well acted. Justin's father, stiff and stereotypical.The town, itself, an idealized fantasy of what could be. Justin was easy on the eyes.


I loved it. Fun, Fun, fun. Made me cry tears of joy and laugh more that I have laughed in a long time.



Very Entertaining,Good Movie,I recommend,enjoyable

good, enjoyable!

I thoroghly enjoyed this At the end it made me cry for the guys.

cute...acting could have used some strong help...but overall a good movie!

Very nice upbeat romantic comedy. I recommend.

Not the best acting nor the best writing but somewhat entertaining, 2.5 out of 5

How interesting! No subtitles for deaf to enjoy this film!