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Angels and Dust2013

  • 2.6
A mesmerising, hallucinogenic journey through the gangs and drug culture of modern Panama. When music producer, Paco and his wife, Kene, are arrested at the airport with plates of cocaine strapped to their bodies, his brother, Mauricio, is dragged into a dangerous underworld. Desperate to do something, Mauricio leaves his home in Barcelona behind and with the help of illegal taxi driver, Fat, settles into a new life in Panama. As the wheels of bureaucracy slowly turn, Mauricio tries to secure protection in prison for Paco and Kene and win custody of their two year old daughter, seized at the airport by social services. Paco soon comes under the wing of violent killer, Maton, and even starts producing music from prison. But life on the streets is even more dangerous. Every day, more and more people are killed in wars between rival gangs. Journalists like William Sala spend their days going from one crime scene to another. Guided by Fat's friends, former gang members Julito and Lolo, Mauricio witnesses first-hand the realities of ghetto life.

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Member Reviews (3)

I'm glad the film mentioned at the end that it only intended to portray the lives of the characters in the film rather than the country as a whole. A small update: the police chief shown earlier in the film is now in jail awaiting charges of corruption.

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really good _everyone is excellent_love the music_it's a tough story _no fun for some life just sucks

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top reviewer

I only planned to watched a little bit of this, just to see what it was about, but I found my self riveted and compelled to keep watching. This documentary is beautiful, brutal, and heartbreaking. The combination leaves a lasting effect on the viewer, and I don't think I've ever seen anything like this. It left me dumbfounded and amazed.