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And All This Madness2003

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  • 3.5
A documentary about the 9/11 World Trade Center terrorist attack in New York City. It begins with an interview with an options trader at the American Stock Exchange describing his experience at the location close to the site during the attack. The film goes on with footage shot at the New York City site ten days after the tragedy occurred. It continues with interviews with people from Vermont (director Walter Ungerer was living in Vermont at the time) expressing their views about the reason for the attack. Vermonters represented the vast majority of the nation in that they only knew what had happened from the media news reports.



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The editing was a little weird, but the content was fantastic, very informative with great historical references from very interesting people. Relevant from beginning to end.

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The movie brought up fair criticisms about the marriage between big government and big business lead by big military. Moreover, cause & effect is an important aspect to study when it comes to foreign politics. I even like the idea of us getting back to a small-business-driven economy. Unfortunately and, as usual, this little film sank to being one-sided, leftist political propaganda. From the outset, the makers of this movie give America-haters a pass, probably because they seem to hate all that is America themselves. I get it. With self-effacing arrogance, the featured players in this documentary blame only America & Israel, their peoples and their policies, citing myopic examples (mostly the last century), for all world's the woes, injustice and anger. NOT ONE criticism for the Palestinian middle-east. The so-called "black" woman with all the education plants her roots in racism, not surprisingly, and finds new life in her ignorant theories against the imperialistic "white" Europeans wanting oil in order to wage war and shoot guns. She should sue whomever she paid for those degrees.

OK, I can accept some of that so far, like the westward expansion through native American culture. That was bad. I wouldn't mind it if they all were equal-opportunity blamers, complainers and pacifists, pointing the fingers at all the bad actors. But they don't. Instead, terror gets off Scot free, as if they have been awarded a social grant of understanding. It's disgusting and insulting to intelligence. They seem to all suffer from a form of 'Terrorist Stockholm Syndrome'. It's self-loathing, really. It's either far from genuine or the madness they call-out themselves.

Until one of these pieces of dogmatic documentary takes a balanced approach to (also) holding all evil behavior accountable -especially the barbaric, middle-eastern, Islamists fundamentalists, it will never hold a Starbuck's cup of integrity or whole truth. It will remain as unrealistic, idealistic garbage. Perhaps Vermont can lead the way by replacing oil with tree sap. Now that the movie is over ten years old and Obama is doing worse in what they criticized Bush of -and much more, I'd like to know if their pablum has changed, or if they still feed on the whole, organic milk of hypocrisy. Watch 'All This Madness' only if you wish to study the mental disorder found in classic, anti-establishment leftism.

Makes you think. . .