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Amores Perros2000

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  • 4.4
Nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award, AMORES PERROS features three stories that converge and the characters are catapulted into dramatic and unforeseen circumstances in the wake of a terrible car crash. From Mexico City’s mean streets to its posh high-rises, no one is exempt from destiny.
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Member Reviews (2)

One of those pointlessly contrived and overly-busy films that tries to achieve too much in its attempt to wrap together the convergences of class, social conflict and other random private scenarios into a gruel of tasteless clichés and base motivations. Apparently the culmination of so much coincidence and crossing-of-paths is meant to invoke the interconnectedness of everything and everyone, as well as evoke a world gone sweepingly wrong. The problem, however, is that each character and sub-plot is treated much too superficially and with few if any redeeming qualities (and certainly without an adequate exploration of the cultural details or background upon which this hellish menagerie might have been more insightfully derived or constructed). And, oh, in case you didn't know already, people are apparently no better than mistreated dogs. Wow, that was deep.

Easily Alejandro's best work! The editing, sound mixing, cinematography and acting are all superb!