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Amish Mosh1972

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  • 2.9
Ephraim Horowitz wants you to know that he loves New York. But he has a few grievances. The place certainly has changed since the days when kids actually swam in the Gowanus Canal and the Woolworth building was the biggest skyscraper around. As Horowitz puts it, "Well, buildings got bigger and so did the problems." To get away from it all, Horowitz sojourns with his wife and daughter out to the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish country, whose tranquil environs "affect me like three Dry Manhattans. And without after-effects." - Jonathan Kiefer

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Member Reviews (2)

Excellent point of view. I've really loved this Horowitz series.

I wish this just said it was a home video, then I would like it more. I do enjoy hearing Horowitz narrate.