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American Mullet2001

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  • 3.7
What is a mullet? Simply a haircut, short in front and long in the back. People love to talk about the mullet but who is talking to the people with the mullet cut? We are. In asking people to talk about their mullets, we are asking them to talk about themselves and the people in this film are nothing short of amazing. If you are going to be influenced by one mullet experience this year, make it AMERICAN MULLET. What you learn might just surprise you.

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I saw more mullets in Spain than anywhere else sooooo no blaming us Americans for the mullet, ppl!

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top reviewer

Surprisingly fascinating documentary about perhaps the ugliest American haircut worn by a varied group of people: rockers; bikers; doctors; butch lesbians; art school students; soccer players; Native Americans...

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top reviewer

i was impressed that they took in inherently funny subject sensitively. they play with it, and have a good time, but they also show the dignity of the people. very interesting. good to have a glimpse into these lives.

A surprisingly even-handed and dispassionate essay on an American fashion.

very good...especially if you want to understand why anyone would want a cut that looks like a MULLET~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

very enjoyable!