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also known as After You, Comrade

All the Way to Paris1965

  • 3.8
The South African ALL THE WAY TO PARIS was directed by Jamie Uys (of THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY fame). American and Russian delegates at a conference are tricked into a walking race from Athens to Paris with only $5 to see them on their way. Their transcontinental travels take them through Greece, Yugoslavia, Italy, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and France with many misadventures and comical complications during their trek. Something of a rarity, this cross-cultural cinematic concoction is presented here in a transfer taken from a theatrical print (noticeable primarily at the heads and tails of reels but otherwise in considerably good condition).

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Member Reviews (3)

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top reviewer

Very funny 1960's cold-war, political satire/road trip movie. Very enjoyable, especially if you're old enough to remember the period.

A feeble film by a director who later made a couple of classics.