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All My Life1966

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  • 3.9
Caspar, California. Old fence with red roses. These few things, a gradual pan and the voice of Ella Fitzgerald make ALL MY LIFE, a major inspiration for Apichatpong Weerasethakul and numerous other filmmakers.



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"Flaming red and a tenement roughness: Ella Fitzgerald has been remarkably seized and set to film." - Richard Eder, New York Times

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Short and Sweet! I love it!

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A great interlacing of image and song, and particularly wonderful with the combination of contemporary 1966 life and Ella Fitzgerald's stint with Teddy Wilson and orchestra, of earlier vintage.

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I saw this in Boulder, Colorado, the year it was made, or the next. Somehow I remember this was a wall along a cemetery, or a wall around a plot in the cemetery. The cemetery is a fixed part of the memory, so I don't think I invented it. The picture matched the music and the slow rise of the camera over a power line into the blue at the end. This movie left an indelible mark on my mind, as a perfect match of picture, music and movement together creating a perfect flash of insight. "All My Life" became a major part of my life.

Good music. C'est tout.


Nice images and concept.

Gotta love the colors! So happy to find a decent version of this online :)

Great how one camera pan can be so heavy.