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also known as Alyah


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  • 3.2
Alex, twenty-seven, lives in a working-class Paris neighborhood and sells drugs for a living, continuously paying off the debts of his brother Isaac (played by French auteur Cedric Kahn), who's becoming a real burden. When his cousin, who has just returned from completing his military service in Israel, tells him he's opening a restaurant in Tel Aviv, Alex thinks that joining him might be the life-changing opportunity he was waiting for. But in order to leave, Alex must quickly find enough money and accomplish his "aliyah" (the term for Jews emigrating to Israel) which involves, among other things, Hebrew lessons and connecting with his Jewish roots. He also has to leave behind his beloved city of Paris, his former lover Esther, his lifelong friend Mathias, and Jeanne, a woman whom he's just met but has the potential of becoming someone important in his life. Torn between making his aliyah, his drug selling, his complicated love life and a destructive brother, Alex will have to find his own way and make a final decision.



Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

An interesting window on a world I know nothing about. The characters feel real, acting solid. Not much plot. Just a big wheel of fortune.

top reviewer

Bad directorial decisions capsize Elie Wajeman's opus about a downtrodden drug dealer. Suffocating closeups? Check. Superfluous panning? Sure. No tripod? Bro, lets do it.

The script is bereft of interesting dialogue and believable characters - no humans alive could possibly be this boring. Just because you shoot people sighing, doesn't mean you're creating drama. I'm asleep.

Very good.

I like the theme song of this film " Sugarman".. Glad Sixto Rodriguez got his share...Interesting story... a little slow at times but not a bad film