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Alexandra's Project2003

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  • 3.5
It's Steve's birthday and he's just been promoted at the office. In a good mood, he goes home to his family expecting to celebrate. Instead, he finds an empty suburban home and videotape labeled "Play Me." The tape begins with his loving wife providing birthday wishes and quickly segues, to his pleasant surprise, into a striptease. But surprise turns into shock when he sees a gun pointed at her head. As the tape plays, his seemingly ordinary life unravels into a nightmare of mind games and revenge. Along with two brilliant lead performances, acclaimed auteur Rolf de Heer brings to us his visionary new twist on the psychological thriller.
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Member Reviews (8)

I watched the whole movie and wish that I had not. The movie plays like the prologue to an excellent film. There is no pay off for all of the excellent build up. All the movie leaves the viewer with is gaping holes in the plot and the logic used by one of the main characters. Without there being more to this movie, it amounts to nothing more than a morally corrupt revenge fantasy.

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top reviewer

I found this film startling and extremely depressing and not worth viewing at all and poor subject matter for a film or any kind of entertainment and impossible to be a positive experience I was surprised!!!!

top reviewer

It was not a pleasant journey, watching brutality inflict itself upon its victim, willy nilly and rather sloppily. Vindictive, spiteful and a very messy, brute force execution of the spirit. Entertaining, but not quite as clever as the many accolades lead you to believe.

Unique and entertaining movie.

One of the most original psychological movies I've seen. Great sense of pacing and brilliant, brave acting. I feel as though Haneke's Caché steals from this film, having been released two year's after. It has all the same gripping pain that a Haneke film has without the need for violence. The existential emptiness that comes with an Australian outback mentality matched with the cleverness of French noir. Love it.


Quite a psychological 'trip', intriguingly done at firs,t but slightly marred by too much of the viewed video