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also known as To the Sea


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  • 4.3
Seemingly fused together with salt spray and sunlight, ALAMAR floats and bobs along with the rhythms of the surf as two men and a boy fish, prepare food, eat, sleep, work and talk (barely) along the water. Seagulls hover and flap inches from their heads, crabs and turtles dart and scurry along the beach, sunsets and sunrises come and go, tides rise and fall, and a father, son and grandfather watch the summer go by. If it sounds simple, it is. But such is the splendor of a film that casually draws together nature and man, documentary and fiction, as if the art of moviemaking were the most innate, heartfelt act in the world. In today's contemporary cinema landscape, ALAMAR's purity of spirit and form comes as a revelation. "I was inspired by the simplicity of happiness," says director Pedro González-Rubio of this effortlessly stunning work, set amid the Mexican Caribbean's spectacular natural beauty and sleepy coastal villages, the Mayan fishing communities of the country's fabled Banco Chinchorro, home to the world's second-largest coral reef. ALAMAR is a crowning example of the renaissance in Mexican independent film and a memorable testament to the fact that cinema can still draw inspiration from (and dare to capture) the simplicity of happiness. - Jason Sanders

Member Reviews (5)

hola cuando pongo solo puedo ver el trailer

Hermosa pelicula, te lleva a la realidad de otras personas

Absolutely beautiful.

Beautifully shot portrait of a father-and-son-relationship. The director let the son of a father living as a fisherman in the middle of nowhere come over to spend one last time with his father. Just before he'll be living with his mom in Rome. You see them work all day and his father learning his son the names of all the plants and animals around him. The bond grows as does the difficulty of saying goodbye...