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also known as Aladin ou la lampe merveilleuse

Aladin, or the Wonderful Lamp1906

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  • 3.5
An extravaganza of early special effects, the Pathé ALADIN (lacking the more common double "d") delights in the story’s magical transformations. Trick shots and striking color tinting accent the elastic reality that comes with the wonderful lamp. The fantasia only lasts a single reel but that's time enough for subterranean chambers, a royal wedding and even an opulent dance spectacle.



Member Reviews (6)

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top reviewer

very clever for its time. somebody sat there and painted every cell I would imagine. we have come a long way and today's movies are so bad in comparison.

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top reviewer

The painstaking hand tinting is remarkably effective in this charming, early telling of a tale from the Arabian Nights.

Love this ancient stuff.

not bad

nice film.