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also known as Agata e la tempesta

Agata and the Storm2004

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  • 3.8
A swirl of pop-art color, madcap magic, and the bittersweet call of life and love suddenly take the mature, ravishing, self-reliant Agata by storm. When Agata, the popular bookshop proprietor and dispenser of sunny wisdom in the form of books, is suddenly wooed by a man almost half her age, her electricity hits high-voltage. It even sends light bulbs bursting in her wake. Yet it is Agata's joy and 'explosive' magnetism in the face of life in all its irony that eventually offers the eye of the cyclone. There, all is supremely quiet and still, as Agata creates a haven of love and freedom to quell the storms of life's unfulfilled desires.



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top reviewer

Agata, the person everyone loves, who relates easily, the friend you have always wanted. Her strange powers baffled my rational mind's attempts to know her more fully. The film sometimes seemed like I was watching a portrayal of musical chairs, things changing to much, so often. It was fun, and fun is important. Most of the characters in the film seemed to value fun over more sober values.

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top reviewer

totally sweet_funny silly sometimes dumb & cute _but really fun & Agata is great_