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Aftermath on Meadowlark Lane2007

  • 3.3
A smoldering car wreck moves two brothers to ask their mother about a significant difference in their upbringings. The Zellners’ knotty dialogue touches upon Pilgrims, foreskins, European sexual preferences and smallpox, a welter of neurosis and shame. If the script seems unlikely, an autobiographical epilogue reveals the truth behind the mariachi suits.

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So funny, so creative

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So funny, so creative

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Not interesting...

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Probably more than an audience really needs to know. Nice to know Austin and Texas short films are being made, though.

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Consistency is important

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No matter the sucrimstances, it's not possible to raise two children the same.

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It's a guy thing...

Great use of the short film format. Funny.

Interesting topic and reality and focus on issues that are important.

Funny. Loved it.

Too funny.

really funny

Fine performances from the two brothers, good score and an interesting twist with the interview of the parents, but in the end, the subject is too complex for this short format. The result is a superficial treatment that relies on gimmicks and "quirky" comedy. Not terribly satisfying.