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also known as Affaires de coeur

Affairs of the Heart1909

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  • 3.8
To the heart’s content. Figuratively and literally.



Member Reviews (26)

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top reviewer

Wonderful valentine to give to a loved one

top reviewer

Beautiful, inventive pastiche from one of the fathers of modern animation.

top reviewer

How delightful, I <3 love.

top reviewer

Full to bursting with humor, sincerity and experimental animation. A lovely little short.

Interesting, Innovative, and worth every minute of watching but why do silent films suffer from the painful updated scores when restored?

Could historically relevant music be used or could current innovative musicians make music for these masterpieces?

Chaplin wrote scores for his silent films. I am sure Cohl had favorite pieces of music which would elevate the imagery.

A romantic, optimistic, dream-like piece. Imagining the magic this film must have brought to people's lives in 1909 is heartwarming. The whole thing is positively endearing.

Good for its time.

It's hard to believe that this inventive animation was produced in 1909!

Simple and sweet.

So fresh and imaginative. To think it's over 100 years old is incredible.


A man before his time. This is great animation. What would this guy have done with today's technology.

I thought it was a really sweet movie

Amazing animated short for its time. Watching it I'd never have guessed it was made in 1909. Very sweet too. Wondering whether the music was added more recently, or if it's from 1909 as well. If so, this totally blows my mind for being before it's time.


Charming! <3

we don't want to tell you what we think.

This is soo cute! I heart this <3

Weird, but strangely enjoyable.

We loved it...very inventive and ahead of it's time. Very nice animation!

Love is simple, we're complicated ♥

I never knew that this film existed. It's very sophisticated for 1908. Enjoyed it immensely!

Unique expression. Lovely ':)