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Adventures of Power2008

  • 2.9
When they handed out the superpowers, Power (Ari Gold) got the short end of the drumstick: his “talent” of playing mean air drums (yes, just like air guitar) has made him the laughingstock of his native New Mexico mining town. Just when he has hit rock-bottom, fired from work right before his father leads a miners’ strike, he discovers a secret underground that is all about the mighty power of karaoke percussion. This leads him cross-country to a major-league air drumming competition where he’ll have to face off against the rich cowpunk star (Adrian Grenier) who not only can play drums for real but is also the son of the mining tycoon who has exploited Power’s people his whole life. This goofy underdog comedy in the mode of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE features such reliable laugh-getters as Jane Lynch, Michael McKean and Annie Golden. Not to mention impassioned miming to such bombastic golden oldies as “Hell Bent for Leather” and “New Jersey Nights” (plus a cameo appearance by the king of progressive rock drumming himself, Rush’s Neil Peart). - Dennis Harvey

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Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

I enjoyed this film very much. It is a "powerful" message.

top reviewer

More 'Hot Rod' than 'Napoleon Dynamite,' Ari Gold's deliberately dated film is a half-charged battery of pulsing arena rock and stilted one liners. An acquired absence of taste is required. I'm not sure this could even work as a five minute Funny or Die sketch, so stretching an air drumming joke out for ninety-minutes is a test of endurance that a human is simply unprepared for.

didn't empress me