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  • 3.6
Hartley and his wife, Miho Nikaido, travel to Japan to see her parents and reflect on twelve years of marriage, her career ambitions and the adventures of growing older. Featuring Miho Nikaido, Hal Hartley, the Nikaido family and various friends.

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This film is about two people who are married, but it's not about a married couple. Each appears separately, talking about his or her thoughts on marriage, career paths, and life.

I inferred that whichever one is not on screen is behind the camera. This is an interesting metaphor for watching a person go through life, learning intimate details about them and gaining access to them in a way most don't, but still being very much outside of them--a spectator and perhaps a kind of record of them. Neither one ever controls the other and the two are never "one," which is interestingly divergent from a lot of depictions of relationships you see.

The film is shot tenderly, but also has aloofness and strangeness. If you are a Hal Hartley fan, it's very interesting to see a glimpse of his private life, and how he chooses to present it.

incomplete...rather slow...has potential

can you help me for watch i can watch it


yes, i loved it

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great and sweet short film!

An interesting view of a couple from different cultures. It's a little disjointed, but over all satisfying. Beautifully shot with alot of interesting views of Japan and people living their lives.

At 20 minutes, it was enough. I would have liked to have seen more, but that might have required more than the film was meant to be.

I'm not a film guy, but obviously Hal Hartley is famous. I can tell why.

The content was a little boring at times and a little frustrating at other times. However, the imagery was beautiful. The photography was rewarding. The music and sound was moving. All-in-all, I can't put my finger on exactly why, but the film was presented in such a way that I found it enjoyable to watch.