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also known as Adams æbler

Adam's Apples2005

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  • 4.5
Ivan is an insanely optimistic preacher who takes in convicts to help around the remote, rural church he ministers to. His current charges are a psychotic Saudi immigrant addicted to robbing gas stations and an alcoholic tennis pro convicted of sexual assault. His newest "helper" is Adam, a vicious neo-Nazi anxiously biding his time before he can return to hell-raising. Asked to set a goal for his stay, Adam sarcastically answers that he'd like to bake a cake. Ivan cheerfully takes that statement at face value and puts him in charge of the parish's pride and joy: the only apple tree in the vicinity. Grasping the extent of Ivan's crazed, preternatural determination to look on the bright side of everything, Adam immediately decides to shake him out of his rose-colored stupor.

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Winner of numerous "Directors' Week" awards (for "Best Film," "Best Screenplay" and "Best Actor") at the 2006 Fantasporto.

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Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

Quite a mix of genres in this one film about the fight of good against evil, it is at once biblical, then a dark comedy, gothic horror -- It is gory and violent at times. But it does keep you watching to see the outcome. And finally, the message comes through loud and clear about coping with transgression against one.

This is one dark transformative SCREAM!! I think this is the best movie I have seen in the past ten years! BRAVO!!!!

I loved it.

Unbelievably dark, unbelievably funny.