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  • 3.8
Kaisa (Lena Headey), a beautiful and feisty Scottish woman, finally has her life together, at least until her mother (Charlotte Rampling) asks an enormous favor: to bring back to her Kaisa's estranged father (Stellan Skarsgard). The two of them, father and daughter together, set out on a wild, brutally funny yet heartbreaking journey that takes them through their emotional past, before reaching their ultimate destination.

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Way over the top, but I'm a sucker for stories about people looking for love, needing to be loved.

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Way over the top, but I'm a sucker for stories about people looking for love, needing to be loved.

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Stellan Skarsgard does't make a bad movie -- dark, sad portrait of a family, especially father/daughter relationship. Great performances, moving.

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Im not sure what compels someone to put all the effort into a film like this. The acting is excellent, but the story is so depressing. Certainly nothing that needs to be made. Everywhere in the world there are thousands of people ruining their lives with booze, and there is no need to immortalize it in film.

This movie was so hard to watch. I think most families have someone like this father who has totally trashed his life, and who is like a ship going down that unfortunately pulls everyone near into the vortex until they drown too. Lena Headley was amazing in this. I think it must have been one of her first roles, and it is easy to see how she has gone on to be successful. Charlotte Lamping does nothing but be her stereo type self. If you are feeling sorry for yourself, this is good film to waste your time on. If you have a decent life and self respect, look elsewhere.

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Sad story of a woman who attempts to unite her father, an alcoholic, with her mother, who is dying of cancer in Aberdeen. The father is so ill, and into his alcoholism, that the trip is one plaques with all sorts of problems and misadventure. The film drags, becoming tedious, when it seems one mishap after another is all your going to get, will they make it to the hospital in time to see the dung mother? Is the long and short of it, some good ensemble acting, but not enough to sustain the film,

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I think this film was well done and the acting was fine, I'm just not sure how believable it all was or how enjoyable to watch . . . while it's nice to fancy that an alcoholic parent may redeem themselves in the end I'm not sure it all rang so true or even if there was much comfort in the final reconciliation. Never the less, the plot and film kept me engaged til the end, and that's sayin' something.

It took me to get the jest of this movie. Father and daughter both had problems one alcohol one coke.good movie