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  • 3.7
Comedians Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern, who wrote, directed and co-star in this irreverent road movie, show a distinct flair for understated physical comedy and defiantly "politically incorrect" humor. Rural neighbors who hate each other come to blows one day on a farm and get tangled up in an agricultural tractor, leaving them both paralyzed, wheelchair-bound and simmering with spite. But rather than feel sorry for themselves, the embittered paraplegics decide to seek revenge against the tractor's manufacturer. They take to the road, redirecting their frustrations with their plights towards the people they meet on the way to Helsinki. Captured in sharp black-and-white Cinemascope photography that complements its exquisite Tati-like sight gags, AALTRA undermines conventional attitudes toward the disabled with its dry wit and acerbic, vengeful characters. Look for some recognizable cameos, including famous Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki.

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Great film! For lovers of awkward and subtle dry humor.

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top reviewer

Excellent film. I was squeamish at first, because of the topic, but the humor was wholesome and thought provoking. Five thumbs up!

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Great film! For lovers of awkward and subtle dry humor.

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top reviewer

I did suspect I was missing out on quite a bit of humor due to a lack of complete subtitling in places. Damned funny nonetheless.

top reviewer

almost 5_ totally odd & weird_sometimes really stupid_but funny & crazy_ i have no idea why these two hate each other_the wife _the dead baby_no idea_at first i wanted to know but as it went along it didn't really matter _a total goof

Have bond tragic situations unfold the road to follow to redemption.

Surprised how much I chuckled at this. Deadpan humor at its deadest.

Hillbillies are us. Idiots Are we. Kinda dumb.