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A Walk Through H1978

  • 3.9
One man’s "hell" is another man’s "heaven" in what has been described as ”one of the best British movies of the decade.” A WALK THROUGH H traverses a series of ninety-two maps, painted by filmmaker Peter Greenaway himself, that guide a deceased ornithologist into the afterlife. Reoccurring motifs of meticulous detail, the desire for flight and Greenaway’s notorious alter-ego Tulse Luper culminate in one of the experimental maestro’s most fascinating and memorable journeys.

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Member Reviews (2)

Mesmerizing and beautiful in it's own way. Almost boring, and yet I wish it was three times longer.

Sorry folks, this was an amazingly poor movie. More like a 1970's british travel monologue without any redeeming qualities. Interesting for its historical place in cinema, otherwise I made is 22 minutes into the movie before bailing out.