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A Touch of Grey2009

  • 2.0
Barb has the perfect life, or so she’s been told. Somewhere down the road, she’s gained a husband, kids and a career, but lost her freedom and passion for life. In an attempt to recapture the innocence of her carefree days, Barb calls her high school pals Patti, Karen and Liz together for a weekend reunion. Loosening up with a few bottles of wine, each shares their secrets and dreams. But they soon discover that they share much more: burden, responsibility and a deep dissatisfaction for where their decisions have taken them. The best friends reach out to one another for collective wisdom and guidance. But, is it enough to save these four friends and set them back on their chosen paths? A Touch of Grey is a bittersweet comedy. A poignant, soul-searching journey that explores the question, can we have it all and still be truly happy?

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The film is structured more like a static filmed play with action simply limited to 24 hours in a hotel room rather than any broader cinematic storytelling. A kind of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" for women in a middle-aged crisis. Four women now nearing middle age and former high school friends meet together for a reunion over 24 hours in a hotel room. They get drunk, reminisce, agonize over their own unhappy lives, lash out at each other, and then kiss and make up. When dawn breaks, they all head out back to their own worlds with little, if anything, changed. Overall, very predictable, very formulaic..................YAWN!

touch of grey is boring and not worth watching.