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A Teacher2013

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  • 3.0
Part psychological thriller and part provocative character study, A TEACHER explores the unraveling of a young high school teacher, Diana, after she begins an affair with one of her teenage students, Eric. What starts as a seemingly innocent fling becomes increasingly complex as the beautiful and confident Diana gets fully consumed by her emotions, crossing boundaries and acting out in progressively startling ways. Lindsay Burdge delivers a deeply compelling and seamlessly naturalistic performance that brings us into the mind of an adult driven to taboo against her better judgment.

Member Reviews (1)

The film deserves credit for the effort of approaching such a difficult subject. Also, the production values are generally good. The lead actress gives an excellent performance. The script could have been much better as it is too focused on the inappropriate relationship. An exploration of how the relationship evolved would have been more engaging to the viewer and could have resulted in enhanced character development. The use of the music and sound effects towards the end of the film was at times distracting to me.