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A Taste of Honey1961

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  • 3.8
  • passes the bechdel test
Jo is a working-class British teenager, living with her drink-sodden, libertine mother. Denied affection by her selfish parent, Jo is pushed further in the background when her mother impulsively marries her latest boyfriend. The girl takes a job at a shoe store, then moves in with her kindly homosexual employer. The two lost souls live in harmony until Jo becomes pregnant after a casual affair with a black sailor. Her flatmate comes to the rescue by offering to look after the baby. This relatively blissful state of affairs is short-lived; before long, Jo's hateful mother, having been kicked out by her man descends upon her daughter and her "family," with all her debilitating emotional baggage intact.

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Adapted from the play by Shelagh Delaney, a remarkable debut for Rita Tushingham. It is a film which brought the issues of unwed mothers and homosexuality to the screen in a realist fashion. subjects not often addressed at that time in British cinema. One of the best films of the British Kitchen Sink genre.

top reviewer

sweet film_Jo is wonderful so is Jeffery & the black prince_the mom is horrible & so is her old man_but all in all everyone is really good in this_cinematography is great Britain looks gloomy & poetic

A slice of life that we get in films now adays, but for 1961, these issues were largely ignored by cinema. Film was a form of escapism for those who lived these harsh lives, who dealt with adultery, violence, discrimination and prejudice in a daily basis. This piece points fingers and makes clear how being a horrible person and being a good person isn't related to sexual orientation or skin colour.