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also known as Yi jian mei

A Spray of Plum Blossoms1931

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  • 3.0
A SPRAY OF PLUM BLOSSOMS is adapted from William Shakespeare's "The Two Gentlemen of Verona," set in 1920s China. Hu Luting and Bai Lede are both graduates from the Shanghai Military Academy. Hu Zhuli (Hu's sister) and Bai are in love. Hu is sent to Canton under General Shi's command. Shi Luohua, the general's daughter, falls in love with Hu. Later, Bai joins his friend in Canton and feels attracted to Miss Shi. From then on, the two young men become rivals. While the source materials are rather washed-out throughout A SPRAY OF PLUM BLOSSOMS, this is an important film in the history of Chinese cinema (particularly for the performance of Ruan Ling-yu) and merits inclusion regardless of the unfortunate picture quality.