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A Place to Go1963

  • 3.6
Set in and around Bethnal Green, this classic example of "kitchen sink" drama plays out against the background of the slum clearances in London. A PLACE TO GO portrays a family struggling to keep their heads above the water when the man of the house (Bernard Lee) leaves his docker's job to take to the streets as an escapologist "working the queues." Meanwhile his son, Ricky (played by 60s pop star Mike Sarne) is fed up being on the breadline and turns to local gangster Jack (John Slater) to do a "job" at the cigarette factory where he works. Will Ricky go through with it though when he receives some crushing news about his father? Also starring the BAFTA award-winning Rita Tushingham as Ricky's feisty on-off girlfriend.

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top reviewer

A good film with nice, solid acting that represents both a fascinating time in England's history and the filmmaking that emerged from it.

nice sweet movie

It,s Beautiful Says Bruno In Love!