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A Night at the Jai Alai2013

  • 3.0
The little known sport of Jai Alai boasts to be the fastest sport on the planet. Its novelty spread its way throughout Florida in the 1960's but over time the lack of interest has slowly deteriorated the sport. Today its small but devout fan base is holding on by a thread. Go behind the scenes of this fading sport with A NIGHT AT THE JAI ALAI by director Drew Blatman.

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Member Reviews (4)

A great sport undone by the Lottery.

The filmmakers MUST know that few people are familiar with the sport. They could have at least explained how the game is played. This is a depressing take on what appears to be a dying sport. Couldn't make it through, and seeing as it's an 8 minute film, that's saying a lot.

Mildly interesting .