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A Man, a Woman and a Killer1975

  • 3.1
This 1975 debut feature from Rick Schmidt and his then-roommate Wayne Wang purports to tell a simple story but the telling is far from straightforward. In a 2009 interview, Schmidt said that the method behind A MAN, A WOMAN AND A KILLER "is mostly improv and experimental with a focus on real people and their personal stories and ironies. Aren't there enough Hollywood movies being made that tell a simple story with known actors?" After the misdirection of a superfluous opening title card, "1977 (After the Revolution)," the film bounces between script and improv, misleading the viewer as to which is which with subtitles that seem to be actor/screenwriter Richard Richardson's scribblings for himself, charismatic actress Carolyn Zaremba and librarian Ed Nyland. A MAN, A WOMAN AND A KILLER is a Godardian exercise in cinematic form yet also manages some arrestingly beautiful images and a genuinely surprising ending. - Marilyn Ferdinand

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Member Reviews (1)

Very enjoyable, amazing what you did on these small budgets. Interesting and enjoyable to the end.