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also known as Los Decentes

A Decent Woman2016

  • 3.2
A Buenos Aires cleaning woman enters the strange world of upper-class nudism, in this wry, deadpan satire.

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Member Reviews (6)

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top reviewer

The pace of the film, and the somewhat staccato drumming suggesting tension, held my interest.

I saw this as a voice on our contemporary cultural spasm, of all too frequent violent reactions to

disagreement. There was no suggestion that either side had attempted to open a line of communication

for negotiating a possible compromise. How easily we can come to villainizing the other, which

too often leads to a bad outcome; increasingly murder. No stratum of a society is immune to this

pathological behavior.

I enjoyed it, a bit unusual but the actors seem real and true to life.

The film is portraying and contrasting two different social groups. Neither one is particularly likable, so it's hard for the audience to choose sides.

I've got nothing again naked people, but the group in this movie is another story.

People can always have what they want, but it all falls apart when one group decides another group MAY NOT. Then, as in this case, most have nothing but trouble.

Starts slow, but that's ultimately functional. Worth sticking with it.

Slow and hard to maintain consentration.