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A Day at the Beach1970

  • 2.4
Considered for many years to be Roman Polanski's "lost film," A DAY AT THE BEACH has acquired cult status since its completion in 1970. Due to the murder of Sharon Tate by the Manson Family, Polanski handed over the film's direction to Simon Hesera. However, the distributors decided to shelve the film, despite the casting of Peter Sellers, for fear of being seen to "cash in" on Polanski's grief. Bernie (Mark Burns) is an alcoholic escapist who tries the patience of everybody around him, with the exception of his niece (Beatie Edney). Desperate to escape his debts and drink himself into oblivion, Bernie arrives to take his niece on a trip to the beach. But will her childish innocence and vulnerability awaken Bernie's instinct to survive, or will he surrender to his desire for self-destruction?

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top reviewer

I forgot how much I didn't like the films being made in the late 60's. People were so negative and cynical. Remember how we often accepted ass-hole behavior because it was kind of revolutionary? We thought guys like Huey Newton were good guys, before they revealed their inner asses. This movie is about ass holes. even more unpleasant today than they were then. I can understand R.P. being bitter and angry and for good reason after what he had just been through... Still doesn't make for a very good film.