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A Common Enemy2013

  • 3.9
A COMMON ENEMY is a political documentary thriller based on the first ever free elections in Tunisia after the Arab Spring Revolution, seen through the eyes of the protagonists of this historical event. This revolution is now an echo in their minds, as impending changes will rapidly modify the country's society, especially as the victory of Islamic political party Ennahda becomes more and more likely. Throughout a one-year period A COMMON ENEMY follows the creation, development and crisis of a newly born democracy, not only reflecting on the future of the Arab Spring but also on the future of contemporary democracy itself.

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Intense, gripping, political drama.

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Intense, gripping, political drama.

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top reviewer

Just terrific! Not a dull moment. Cohesive, and well structured. Really thrilling to see so many political

viewpoints expressed openly, in a widespread atmosphere of respect for freedom of expression. This

rarely occurs any longer in America, where opposition opinion is considered venomous, and uninformed.

My heart goes out to the Tunisian people for their raw courage, and forbearance. They are not without

worrisome problems however. Relative marginalization of orthodox Islam, could produce a political

backlash as it did in Iran, and more recently in Turkey.