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A Brief History of Paradise as Told by the Cockroaches2003

  • 2.7
They say that when the Earth is destroyed beyond habitation, the only survivors will be the cockroaches. Filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer gives the indomitable insects the floor in this perversely comic commentary on affluence and self-destruction. Leashed with thin ribbons, a small intrusion of cockroaches scramble over magazine spreads of the good life while a schizophrenic pest voice-over mutters like an asylum inmate recalling the good old days, when food was plentiful and the roach traps were the enemy. It is consumption and consumerism as empty activity and madness, played-out as a natural history documentary in the guise of an invasion picture, all set to the theme song from LOVE STORY. - Sean Axmaker

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Member Reviews (6)

I think the review here gives the film too much weight. The voice-over did not strike me as schizophrenic so much as an exaggerated Chinese Old-man neurotic banter. This film is quirky, funny and short. I did not have time in a single viewing to read much more into it (not to say it's not there). It's like a cockroach doing borscht-belt standup.

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Good idea with annoying execution

OK wow where to begin. I've only seen a few of his films. So i kind of see his point of view. Or do I? Anyway, the tied cockroaches with what looks like dental floss only led me to think. "who took the time and skill to do that?" Well done Mr Oppenheimer.

Stupid. Like a kid made this and posted it on YouTube.

His greatest film.

basically unwatchable