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also known as Une bouteille à la mer

A Bottle in the Gaza Sea2011

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  • 4.4
Seventeen-year-old Tal has emigrated from France to Jerusalem with her family. She writes a letter expressing her refusal to accept that only hatred can reign between Israelis and Palestinians. She slips the letter into a bottle, and her brother throws it into the sea near Gaza, where he is carrying out his military service. A few weeks later, Tal receives an e-mail response from a mysterious "Gazaman," a young Palestinian named Naim. Thus begins a turbulent but tender long-distance friendship between two young people that are separated by a history they are trying both to understand and change. This engrossing and hopeful drama starring Hiam Abbas is based on the award-winning novel by Valérie Zenatti.



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"An Internet-age Romeo & Juliet tale in which the tragedy is more political than personal..." - Dennis Harvey, Variety

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I like this movie because it isn't showing good Palestinians and bad Israelis, or vice versa. This movie is showing how complex and painful this conflict is.....

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I like this movie because it isn't showing good Palestinians and bad Israelis, or vice versa. This movie is showing how complex and painful this conflict is.....

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Beautiful!...and so timely. "Everything is possible" is a lovely gift of hope. And how romantic that the love of the French language can rescue one from despair.

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waste of time

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A deeply compelling look at the realities of war through the eyes of two teenagers whose innocence is often overshadowed by their tumultous past. With its fresh dialogue and introspective characters, this film offers us a starting point at which to discuss themes of privilege, race, gender, and class, as well as the reality of those who are living under occupation.

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A beautiful film about a young Palestinian boy and a young Israeli woman who are united by a letter written and placed in a bottle, which the boy happens to find. The two communicate and learn about life, themselves, the obstacles that life puts in their way, and the possibilities that life affords them if they allow themselves the chance. Thoughtfully done, and a smart screenplay make this a very entertaining life affirming film.

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4 1/2 these people are so foreign to me. i love Tai (Agathe) & Hakim (i think ) is great too_strange life

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A very nice Romeo & Juliet film about an Israeli teen age girl and a young man in Gaza who establish an e-mail relationship. Particularly interesting is the contrast between Gaza and Israel, and the extent of the border crossing which comes at the end of the film. It is no wonder the Palestinians in Gaza revolt! If you liked this film, try the Lemon Tree.

A beautiful story.

It would be great if people could love each other over borders.

A potent, beautiful mix of hope and despair, down to the last scene.

I thought this was a well-balanced film. It did not make any side out as the "bad guy," but portrayed the good and bad of both sides of this conflict. The plot development kept me interested for the entire movie and the acting was very good.

Touching story, but not too sweet. Well done.