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A Biography of Lilith1997

  • 2.4
In a lively mix of off-beat narrative, collage and memoir, A BIOGRAPHY OF LILITH updates the creation myth by telling the story of the first woman and for some, the first feminist. Lilith’s betrayal by Adam in Eden and subsequent vow of revenge is recast as a modern tale with present-day Lilith (Cherie Wallace) musing on a life that has included giving up a baby for adoption and work as a bar dancer.  Interweaving mystical texts from Jewish folklore with interviews, music and poetry, Sachs reclaims this cabalistic parable to frame her own role as a mother.

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Member Reviews (5)

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top reviewer

A wander through new life and Lilith, a landscape only slightly ordered and disintegrating everywhere. The missing central plot isn't missed. But the processes and songs continue forever.

A very disappointing moment in film history to present this to anyone!

Not what I expected!


CAUTION: Watch at your own discretion!

The beginning WAS terrible.

I like the sounds/songs/poems+imaging, but gawsh...half the time I was like wtf am I watching.

Not a total waste of time.

not my type of film

omg this was weird

beginning was awful

got a little better

but overall i could do better if i were drunk, had a camera and friends