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5 Girls2001

  • 3.3
For two years, filmmaker Maria Finitzo followed five strong young women between the ages of thirteen and seventeen, exploring the ways these girls discover the resources necessary to successfully navigate the rocky waters of adolescence.

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Member Reviews (2)

The filmmaker does a well giving us these girls as girls, young with their views expressed as real beliefs. That might be the greatest aspect of this film, the treatment of teenagers as people with the right to speak to their own place in the world. This desire to give the girls their own place does not amend the adults' views or voices, as a sappier look at these formative years might try to, but allows them their full expression to give context to these young voices. A lot of the craft of the film, at least those most apparent on a first viewing, feel dated and make it difficult to leap right in, but the honesty of the experiences forgive the ravages of time.

I enjoy this movie