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also known as 35 rhums

35 Shots of Rum2009

  • 4.2
  • passes the bechdel test
Widely hailed as one of the best films of 2009, the latest from the renowned director of BEAU TRAVAIL, Claire Denis’ sublime 35 SHOTS OF RUM is the moving story of a father and daughter whose close-knit, tender relationship is disrupted by a handsome young suitor. Sumptuously filmed and featuring an evocative score by Tindersticks, 35 SHOTS OF RUM casts a lovely spell unlike any other movie you’ve seen.

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Winner of the "Special Jury Award" at the 2008 Gijón International Film Festival

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A very rare bond between father and daughter is captured on the screen without a lot of dialogue but thru emotion and great acting. Love the slowness of the film without boredom or pretense.

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A very rare bond between father and daughter is captured on the screen without a lot of dialogue but thru emotion and great acting. Love the slowness of the film without boredom or pretense.

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I liked the dark, easy pace, the spare dialogue, understated pathos. It felt like a "true story". I may have missed some of the dialogue due to my poor french. Sometimes, I missed the english translation as I watched the image on the screen. I think I will see it again. Sometimes, fewer the words spoken, more attention to sparse details or/and motives of the characters.

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Claire Denis has crafted a beautiful film. Minimal in actual character development and yet rich with unexpected detail. Each actor is strong enough to flesh out the people they play. And this is important to note: this does not feel like a movie of "characters" -- this film is about people.

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Great movie! Very "real"...

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A beautiful movie with excellent acting by the whole cast. Slow, not much dialogue; but thoughtful and meaningful when used. Exquisite cinema photography, especially of the train scenes and close-up of peoples faces.

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websted, måske vil du prøve med venner

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Gorgeous in every aspect, the colors, actors, quiet tensions. The love, and romance of a father and

his daughter.

Well performed, well acted, sad and lively. Great music, production and scenes of urban France.


A good tribute to Ozu! Beautiful little film, just sort of washes over you. I didn't think it was slow at all, every glance and gesture communicates something very rich. Almost all of this dense story is told through subtlety and what is not explicitly stated, so when the gears shift over to the rhythms of the film, it's a very generous piece of work.

Beautiful depiction of relationships. A little too slow, a little too "atmospheric."

Slow, slow, slow, but it worked for me. Artistic, a lot said without words. Storyline gaps were challenging.

slow moving but ultimately the pace matched the slow unfolding of the story and the characters

I've watched this twice,it is very different the 2nd time. Slow at times, but you get it. I was viewing this film for a research paper. It is a good watch on a rainy day!

Slow is ok, but deadstill for hours is just that, dead. I like good character studies, but this movie is awful.

nice looking people, intense (too intense??) relationship between father and daughter,muddled connection between the father and a neighbor woman, a suicide, nice trip in a VW Camper to Germany and a lovely night camping in the dunes, all in all a smooth ride to nowhere. Perhaps my lack of french made me miss a lot but since pictures speak louder than words I don't think so.

One of Claire Denis's most accessible, as well as most recent films, a portrait of a father and daughter--to compare with her portayal of a father searching for his son in "The Intruder."