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also known as The Facts of Love

29 Acacia Avenue1945

  • 3.6
The Robinsons are two respectable middle class parents living with their children in a suburban house in Acacia Avenue. Preferring to holiday every year in Bognor, they are pressed into booking a cruise for their annual vacation and thereby leaving their teenage children free run of their house. As the youngsters enjoy their newfound freedom and discover the angst of teenage life, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson begin to have second thoughts about their cruise and decide to return home early.

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This is a feather-light English comedy. I found it interesting for its unabashed escapism. It was clearly targeting a British movie-goer weary of WWII and all its tragedy and deprivations, longing to look at a world without bombings, rationing, etc. The characters drive cars without worrying about how much fuel they use; they have plenty to eat; they can sail to the Mediterranean without fear of U-Boats; they can grow flowers in their gardens instead of the vegetables of "Victory Gardens." The film is flimsy, but the yearnings it was made to address are touching.

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