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28 Hotel Rooms2012

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  • 3.3
In this sexy, surprising romance, a man and a woman meet each other in a hotel while they are both traveling on business. Flirtation leads to a feverish night that both find hard to forget. Although she's married, and he has a girlfriend, their intense attraction turns a seemingly casual one-night stand into a continual series of passionate hotel trysts, uniting them in a profound and unconventional relationship. Unfolding as a collage of moments (some sexy, some innocent, some profound and some silly) 28 HOTEL ROOMS is an intimate portrait of an affair in which two people wrestle with the confusion of loving more than one person.



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" actors’ showcase, allowing Ireland and Messina to play characters who reveal themselves in pieces, scene by scene, and year by year." - Noel Murray, A.V. Club

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top reviewer

Several of the hotel rooms were familiar to me.

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top reviewer

I really wanted to believe it is possible to "love" more than one person at the same time, though I have no plans or desire to personally investigate the possibilities. This film took me through the likely complications. Maybe there are some who can divide their lives in separate jurisdictions that can provide satisfaction for needs and wants, it seems for most of us that love means the complete giving of oneself to another and wanting that kind of commitment in return. At the end of the film, it seems that despite their bravado and promises, they would be unable to change the unendurable situation they have created. It is a wonderful and terrible tragedy, and they both know it. And we know it too, and while wishing them success, we too see only sadness and pain ahead. I no longer wish that I could fully love more than one person at a time, for I want to be fully loved, not just occasionally enjoyed. The film shows that.

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top reviewer

This should have been called "1028 Hotel Rooms". YAWN! While the male character attempts to get a grunt out of the female outside of the sexual sort she delivers smiles, laughs that become more and more insipid as it is clear that neither of these characters is going to reveal much depth or soul. Attempting to show that purely sexual relationships have similar arcs to more complete romantic relationships, as the characters are confined to their chambers and exchange a little info about the big stuff in their lives, it leaves both the viewer and the male character wishing to run out for air. You can skip this one!!!

I'll have to check this out. I just saw Captain Fantastic in the theaters, and was really blown away by its emotional pulse about loss, humility, and parenting in today's age. Great cast, fantastic script, and its a really good-looking film for an independent!

Boring and overlong by at least 10 rooms, a not specially interesting love affair not specially well acted or shot. I saw Captain Fantastic at Sundance, a vast improvement over this.

I'm not 100% certain that the writer/director has ever met an actual human woman during his lifetime.

Loved it!

I loved it. lots of love, sex, break up.

Beautiful and painful, all at once....