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  • 2.7
1334 is a ghost story that reveals the haunting disturbances that began to plague the ones left behind, following the completion of PIG and the death of R.W., where reality turns into darkness.


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Member Reviews (10)

top reviewer

Boring and pointless, looks like a student film, the music is annoying. Total waste of time.

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Ahhh! Where is the aspirin?

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top reviewer

You could call this a nuanced Maddineque exploration of fate, memory, and despair. You'd be way off.

top reviewer

This was really strange, and unusual. The description is pretty accurate. Decide for yourself. I liked it, and hope the director does more in the future.

top reviewer

An epilogue to Pig, this film has only one redeeming quality...which is, an apt disposition of the characters from Pig. Thankfully, there won't be a sequel to this mess.

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top reviewer

Interesting meditation on the texture of memory, and how we create our own ghosts. The things that stand between us and the world.

Five minutes in and I envied the man who hung himself. The most relentlessly depressing footage I've sat through since Eraserhead ... Another film which had me wishing for a rope and a stool. I get dark, I enjoy dark, but this is what you show people to convince them that life isn't worth living.


not my cup of tea

Interesting film. Nice B+W, interesting images. Who did the music, really amazing.