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10 on Ten2004

  • 4.1
More of a "master class" than a standard "making of" film, Abbas Kiarostami's 10 ON TEN mounts a vigorous defense of contemporary art cinema. Taking after TEN, his minimalist narrative set entirely inside a taxi, Kiarostami delivers his lessons from the driver's seat, driving through the same hills outside Tehran where he shot TASTE OF CHERRY. Divided into chapters on key filmmaking elements as direction, actors and locations, 10 ON TEN ranges from the challenges of writing for non-actors to the Iranian auteur's formative experience of watching (but not understanding) Ingmar Bergman's SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE. Perhaps most interestingly, Kiarostami demonstrates how even scenes as simple as those in TEN can be broken-down into discrete formal operations. Reflecting more broadly on his adaptation of digital cameras from TASTE OF CHERRY'S accidental epilogue to TEN'S enlivening sense of contingency, the Iranian auteur implores young filmmakers to realize the great possibility of doing more with less. - Max Goldberg

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Thank you for sharing the beauty of your inner world with us. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for showing us how to look more attentively, see more clearly, and exist more meaningfully within this reality. RIP Abbas Kiarostami.

This is a beautiful and in depth collection of advice from a director who loves to work with non-actors playing basically themselves, and who is pursuing the most natural and real feeling acting possible. He goes in depth discussing his techniques for working with non actors, which are very experimental, very thoughtful, and very relevant to low budget filmmakers who have similar interests. At first I was thrown off by the voiceover and wished there were subtitles instead, but really theres's no need to stare at the screen the whole time. I recommend writing down thoughts and ideas as you listen and letting your mind wander with his ideas. He does repeat himself a bit and has some very purist ideas about things that made me laugh but it doesn't get in the way of the important parts of the video.

should be ten stars, really.