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$100 and a T-shirt2005

  • 3.7
In just under an hour, $100 AND A T-SHIRT brings zine culture to life! Using broken and borrowed equipment, filmmaker Joe Biel illuminates the world of self-publishing. He gives us glimpses of a Zine Symposium, takes us on a zine-themed bicycle tour around Portland and interviews local zinesters. This documentary answers a wide array of questions, including: What are zines? Why do people make zines? Where did the zines come from? How to zine communities function? And what does the future hold for zines?

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Member Reviews (2)

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top reviewer

Fanzines have formed a fascinating element to our subcultures. Could have been a little better, but still interesting.

I never want to read a zine. I will never seek out a zine. If the intent of the filmmaker was to bring attention to the counter culture movement in Portland through boring ugly people who have nothing better to do with their lives then write meaningless drivel on stolen paper then he succeeded.

I appreciate passion and people that are able to channel their passion into a living and clearly these people cannot. Zines suck.

"this film was created on 100% borrowed equipment" Dude! Counter culture! Down with capitalism because it's not like what makes this country great or anything.

I want my 51 minutes back.