Zach Weintraub

Zach Weintraub (USA, 1987) studied film production at New York University before moving back to the Pacific NW to write and direct his first feature-length film, Bummer Summer, and to co-found Newhard Entertainment alongside frequent collaborator Nandan Rao. He wrote and directed his second film, The International Sign for Choking, in Buenos Aires and his third film, You Make Me Feel So Young, in Olympia. Cumulatively, his films have screened at festivals in more than a dozen countries including AFI Fest, BAMcinemaFest, and the Viennale. In 2013 he was a guest lecturer at the Northwest Film Forum, and was nominated by Seattle's The Stranger as one of three finalists for a film Genius Award. In 2014 he was awarded an Artist Trust fellowship. His fourth film, Slackjaw is to be completed in 2015.

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Recent Reviews

You Make Me Feel So Young

The DP is very talented. Shots were expertly crafted. Beautiful. However, the script was weak and under developed. Way too many "uhs" and "cools" and "ums." This film could have...

Bummer Summer

definitely a bummer summer but well done_i don't know what happened with Maya either seemed so good_but life is like that_very cool & the end was perfect

You Make Me Feel So Young

A terrible waste of video

You Make Me Feel So Young

OK_Justine is just boring_so is Zach_i don't care about anyone but it's really well filmed_nothing is happening but it all looks good_glad i don't live there or know these people

The International Sign for Choking

I don't get Josh_Anna is great_color's wonderful & it's filmed really well_just sort of odd.