Vincent Gargiulo

Vincent Gargiulo is an award winning filmmaker whose work has been featured & shown on Lopez Tonight, the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Attack of the Show, TMZ Live, Right This Minute, Cartoon Brew, San Francisco Independent Film Festival, and more. He’s completed numerous shorts & one feature, specializing in the ridiculous, the silly, the sometimes thought provoking, and the musical.

Musically, Gargiulo is also an accomplished songwriter whose written numerous songs for films, the band Ghost Peeps, and released several solo albums. Billy Ray Cyrus sang one of his songs. You know that’s hilarious.

He is based in San Francisco and eats Rice-A-Roni all day on streetcars. 

[bio courtesy of the filmmaker] 


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Jesus Christ Superstar is a favorite movie, so I wanted to like or even love this. Yet I didn't. It just didn't come together.

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Duluth is Horrible

Great short flick. Surrealism and comedy blended into a delicious slice of life cocktail. Should have been a full length movie.