Susanne Ullerich

After her education as a photographer in Nuremburg (South of Germany) Susanne worked as a press photographer for various newspapers. Later she worked as Camera Assistant for TV and also as a reporter and moderator for TV channels.

In 2000, she began her studies in Art and Media and the University of the Arts, Berlin. Her final project was the documentary film The Artists in which nine artists, four musicians, two journalists, a photographer and actor and a designer were interviewed to discuss the difference between art and work. The film strives to dissect the term "work". What is work? How will people work in the future and how do artists and creative freelancers separate the two? One of the main goals was to find out how someone can be satisfied in life and what is necessary to achieve this. 

She has been working since 2008 on a long term documentary project – working title: Doublelife, to be released spring 2015.

Currently she works as a director, freelance photographer and teaches media studies in Berlin.

[bio courtesy of the filmmaker] 


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