Sietske Tjallingii

Award-winning Dutch experimental filmmaker and performance artist Sietske Tjallingii explores cultural icons and mores, turning them on their heads in clever and unexpected vignettes.

Born (1973) and raised in the Netherlands, Tjallingii attended the acclaimed Rietveld Art Academy. Since 2010, she lives in San Francisco with her husband the artist Eric Staller, and their daughter. Tjallingii is currently producing an interactive series of playfully provocative short films about roadside Americana, for which she was awarded a grant from the Dutch Art Fund.

Her films are distinguished by their ironic humor and subversive commentary on contemporary culture and society, combined with a rich surrealist visual sensibility. Acting as her alter-ego 'Miss T', Tjallingii often appears in her films. In addition, she is a performance artist whose portable peep shows have surprised and delighted audiences in Europe with their genre-defying zaniness.

Sietske has been featured in the Outstanding Films from International Festivals program at NYC MoMA and shows at numerous venues worldwide, including the Berlinale and Rotterdam International Film Festivals (which commissioned her to create a 2008 homage to the Coen Brothers). The Dutch Film Museum distributes a compilation DVD of Tjallingii's work, and she is featured in an in-depth profile in a comprehensive book about Dutch experimental filmmakers.

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