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Shirley Clarke


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Portrait of Jason

A viewing of this fascinating feature truly bares repeating. There is so many layers going on here and almost every other statement is a loaded one, it's worth it to...

Ornette: Made in America

This film truly fizzles with psychedelic brilliance! At times it blips with mid-late-eighties pulp futurism and at times it scuttles with hurried jazz breakdowns scurrying the narrative along. We have...

Ornette: Made in America

Sweet work, as is true of most of Shirley's fine films. I thought it took a bit longer than necessary to develop, yet I trusted this filmmaker to know what...

Ornette: Made in America

wonderful and unique

The Connection

If i was basing my rating on the music alone it would be at least 3 or 4. However, most of the acting is stiff, probably due mostly to the...