Sean Garrity

Sean first studied film production and theory at Toronto’s York University and continued his studies at the Instituto de Arte Cinematografico de Avellaneda in Buenos Aires. After spending years backpacking through Asia and South America, Sean returned to his home town of Winnipeg to begin a career as a filmmaker and musician in 1997.

The press has referred to Sean Garrity’s work as “possessing a dark, twisted beauty” (Janet Smith, Georgia Strait) and has compared his work to that of David Cronenberg (Globe and Mail), Atom Egoyan (MacLean’s) and even Luis Buñuel (San Jose MetroActive).

In 2006, he was given the Special Jury Prize by the Don Haig jury at Toronto’s Hot Docs Film Festival. The award is presented to a filmmaker whose work is not only outstanding, but has also bridged the documentary and fiction genres. 

His fifth feature, Blood Pressure, one of only six Canadian films selected for the prestigious Busan International Film Festival, where it was singled out as one of Screen International’s 10 Hot Films, was also nominated for the coveted Borsos Award at the 2012 Whistler Film Festival, and was an official selection at Beijing, Torino, Sao Paulo and Shanghai.

Sean speaks four languages, has a masters degree, and also works as a bass player, having appeared on half a dozen CDs, and performs live most weekends in Winnipeg, where he lives.

[bio courtesy of the filmmaker]


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