Sari Gilman

Filmmaker Sari Gilman Sari Gilman is an award-winning filmmaker and editor. Her directorial debut, Kings Point, won prizes at film festivals nation-wide, aired on HBO, and was nominated for an Academy Award. As an editor, she was nominated for a Prime Time Emmy Award for her work on Rory Kennedy's Ghosts of Abu Ghraib. The first feature documentary she edited was Judith Helfand’s Blue Vinyl, which also aired on HBO and premiered at Sundance. Other films she has edited have appeared on HBO, AMC, A&E and PBS, including a history of Las Vegas and a history of New Orleans, both for PBS’ American Experience. She is currently working on a film about the wildly divergent views on Israel within her own Jewish family.

[bio courtesy of the filmmaker] 


Recent Reviews

Kings Point

This was an interesting film, but I couldn't help but think most of the inhabitants led vacuous lives.