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Roy William Neill


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The Woman in Green

The Sherlock Holmes pictures produced by Universal Studios in the 1940's are offer a vivid example of the broad landscape found within the term "B-Movie." Second features of the mid-century...

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon

BASIL FREAKIN' RATHBONE! Many have played Sherlock Holmes…some memorable; others forgettable. But Rathbone is still the template. His portrayal of the master detective radiated vitality, a screen charisma still evident...

The Woman in Green

Rathbone & Bruce will always be THE Holmes & Watson for so many fans out there. Watching this you can see why. There's a very casual chemistry between the two...

Dressed to Kill

Really good Sherlock Holmes impossible to watch because of terrible sound

Dressed to Kill

Sherlock meets his match, sort of, at least for a time, in this music box murder mystery. These Sherlock Holmes films are super.