Rock Ross

Rock Ross received his BFA and MFA in filmmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute where he studied under Gunvor Nelson, James Broughton, Lenny Lipton, Larry Jordan and George Kuchar.

Rock is currently in a band with other filmmakers, The Goat Family, that accompany their own films with live original soundtracks. They have performed at the de Young, SFMOMA, Exploratorium, Berkeley Art Museum and many local venues.


For 35 years Rock made a living providing credits, titles and subtitles for 16 and 35mm films. He has done the titles for thousands of independent films including AcademyAward winners and nominees. He was one of the co­founders of the No Nothing Cinema and New Nothing Cinemas, venues free to the presenters and audiences. His films have been in innumerable festivals and shows.


After 13 years of Catholic education, 4 years of Baptist College (Mercer University, BA in History) Rock worked as a janitor for 6 years in the Film Department at the pagan San Francisco Art Institute. He has a home in Western Sonoma County and is an usher for the SF Opera and Ballet.


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